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Truly Great Coffee

Welcome to the Diedrich Espresso home page. You’ve reached the central online location for all the Diedrich Espresso stands in Snohomish and Skagit County area. My name is Jasmine Diedrich and my mission is to serve you the perfect beverage every single time. I accomplish that goal every day with the help of the finest, fastest, friendliest baristas in the Pacific North West.

We serve Café D’arte at all of our locations.  At Diedrich Espresso, we serve a strong dark roasted coffee for full bodied flavor.  When looking for the best local coffee roaster Café D’arte was consistently smooth and less acidic than the other coffees I tried. They are an exceptional brand and you can taste it in the cup.

We are open every day so come on in and meet me and my staff! With 365 days a year of great coffee there is always a good time to stop by. Our store hours are a little shorter on the holidays so we can spend more time with the ones we love. Diedrich Espresso is conveniently located for a quick commuter beverage and worth the detour if not yet in your neighborhood. 

Thanks for visiting our Home page. Visit the Specials page for daily down home deals. Thanks again for coming by.


Jasmine Diedrich – Owner

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Serving Caffé D’arte

After searching relentlessly for a roaster with the same passion and pride in its product that Jasmine’s Diedrich Espresso has in serving its customers, we are happy to have found Caffé D’arte Coffee Roasters. Our custom roast coffee is unparalleled in its flavor and composition, which is sure to satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseur. Our signature Diedrich Espresso Blend is a perfect reflection of the tradition and dedication to the perfect espresso, which Caffé D’arte represents.


Since they started roasting coffee in the Pacific Northwest over 30 years ago, the focus has been on the highest quality coffee. By keeping true to the traditional Italian methods of artisan roasting, Caffé D’arte achieves a flavor profile that is unmatched by other roasters. They choose a more labor-intensive “Old World” approach to roasting and post-blending their coffees, so that there is a finer control over how signature blends, such as the Diedrich Espresso Blend, is produced.

Real Coffee. No Secret Ingredients.

We love our Community!

We strive to be more than just a coffee shop. With so many people doing great things for the community, we can’t help but become involved ourselves. Therefore, we’re active supporters of several local events and organizations that serve our neighborhoods and regions including multiple chambers, Economic Alliance Snohomish County, Relay for life and many other non-profit groups.

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