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Serving Deliciously Smooth Caffé D’arte Coffee 

Here at Diedrich Espresso, we are proudly serving Caffé D’arte coffee. We serve only freshly roasted, quality espresso at our Snohomish County locations and beyond. If you’ve ever tried Caffé D’arte, you likely remember the smooth, balanced flavor of the roast. Their coffee blends exceptionally with all of the standard or custom beverages that our baristas can make for you.

Ethically Sourced Coffee!

Caffé D’arte ethically sources all of their coffees. Caffé D’arte often buys from small farmers that can not afford to pay for the organic certifications. The Diedrich Espresso blend they buy from a co-op, this mean small farmers in the village give their crop to the co-op and get paid regardless if they had a good season or not. This way they are still able to support their families. One of the co-ops we use has programs for the women in the families to learn other skills as a way to provide more for their family. 

There are so many politics behind fair trade and organic certifications and unfortunately it's not a perfect system. Caffé D’arte chooses co-op buying more often than not because that's what we believe is the most ethical. 

We so love that Caffé D’arte cares about their farmers because we do too!

What Makes Their Espresso so Special?

With names like latte, cappuccino and macchiato, it’s no surprise that espresso started in the land of the boot. Founder Mauro Cipola studied under a fourth-generation master roaster in Naples, Italy, and in the 1970s settled into the Seattle area. At the heart of Caffé D’arte’s operations is Mauro’s insight into the science and art of coffee roasting combined with a strong commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Something that sets Caffé D’arte apart from other roasters is their “post-blending” approach. Many coffees are produced by taking beans from various growing regions and roasting them together in one batch to create a blend. Caffé D’arte changes one crucial step in the process: they roast each single-origin variety as a separate batch, then blend at the final stage. You can taste the resulting consistency in flavor in any cup of coffee served at Diedrich Espresso.

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